Jeff Bromwell graduated with an architecture degree from the University of Idaho and worked for three years at TVA and ZGF doing large-scale projects such as the Nike Campus and the LDS Conference Center. Looking to work on projects with a more intimate scale where he could get to know clients better and spend time personally swinging a hammer, he sought out residential remodel work. “I didn’t want to be the architect who had never built anything,” says Jeff. Now Jeff is back in the design office full-time but he retains the perspective of a designer who has built.

Jed Stasch is not a typical carpenter. He graduated with a physics degree from Reed College and he mixes this academic training with his passion for craft. His approach to a construction puzzle is unique and very effective. His solutions are always efficient, well thought, well executed and beautiful.

Together, Jeff and Jed offer attention to detail, superb organization, and honest accountability. The crew members that round out the company share this commitment to customer service. All members of the company possess the ability to communicate effectively and the delicacy to tread lightly in a client’s home.

We also bring a talented team of subcontractors to every project. Our long relationships with trusted trade partners keep projects running smoothly and produce finished products of a consistently high quality.

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